Czech VPN from Svě

  • Ability to view the site as if you were in the Czechia
  • Block ads and unwanted sites (total 2 015 179)
  • Encrypted and secure


Connected clients: 6
Data IN: 230.92 GB
Data OUT: 1,533.85 GB
Uptime: 28 dnů, 23 hodin, 3 minut.

The VPN was blocked for SMTP communication on ports 25, 465 and 587 as a result of VPN misuse (hence the OpenVPN outage). Thank you for your understanding.

Sending an email to is marked as spam, so please check your spam folder. Thank you

Download and support the project

Only download

You just download the profile that you upload to the client.

The public certificate is renewed
several times a week.

The public certificate will only be available Monday through Friday to maintain a quality service for people who contribute to our server.

Download limit: 4 Mbps/s

Now only download

Support and then download

First support the project and then withdraw.

Custom certificate (I will generate within 24 hours) and send to the email from which the contribution comes (paypal email).

The minimum amount of the contribution is 20,- CZK.
More in the description on the right

Download (public) before we generate it

How to connect?

Download the *.ovpn file and import it into the client (Download). Then just connect
The provider is not responsible for traffic on the VPN!


The minimum contribution amount is 20,- CZK (Paypal charges a fee of 10-13 CZK)
Contribution over 150 CZK is a permanent certificate, under this amount we will not guarantee a permanent .ovpn file

Project support

If you have supported us, thank you, it is a form of donation that is non-refundable and completely voluntary, all money is used for the further operation of the server. The main advantage is our own profile (.ovpn), which is permanent. The public profile is renewable (it needs to be downloaded and imported again).

Traffic VPN